Our rules …

  • On arriving park the camping car at the entrance and take contact to park manager (service from 10 to 18 o’clock local time).
  • Arrival till 18 o‘clock (later arrival only with previous agreement).
  • The park manager allocates a pitch and gives a briefing.
  • Payment in advance (only cash): on arriving resp. Daily between 17 und 18 o‘clock.
  • The notice of the camping park order has to be written affirmed.
  • Departure by oneself till 12 o‘clock (don’t forget: unplug power cable).

Our Camping Park Order …

  • Driving along with step speed only – don’t drive across the green!
  • Chemical-toilet (black water) only into the WC-drain, grey water into the floor drain.
  • Use the sink unit only for dishes (no washing or cleaning other things).
  • Potable water only at the automat – for small quantities too (obtaining potable water by using the sink it’s not permitted).Keep the sanitary area clean; separate the waste.
  • Washing machine/dryer: Please ask for our help before the first use!
  • No tents – no open fire (risk of forest fires).
  • No carpets on the green.
  • Respect the pitches of other guests.
  • Dogs on a collar; walk the dogs only outside.
  • Night's rest from 22:00 – 7:00 o‘clock (no washing machine and dryer).
  • Pool use only upon earlier consultation and under professional ward (entry only with pool shoes, always take a shower first).
  • Use the campsite at your own risk; all claims are excluded.